About Us

Our Hand Crafted soap is made using the cold process technique. We use organic oils mixed with unique liquids that are combined with sodium hydroxide. Once the oils and lye solution reach the desired temperature they are combined to saponify. Right before we pour the mixture into the mold we add special ingredients that make our recipes unique. Our special additions include quality essential oils, organic herbs, and organic exfoliating grains.
We take pride in the ingredients we use in our soap.
Health, quality and creativity are the three most important factors that determine our recipes. Health is always #1. Research has shown that as much as 60% of whatever you put on your body is absorbed into your bloodstream. That is why we never use any toxic ingredients. We do not use dyes, perfumes, artificial hardeners or any other unnatural ingredients. You are going to experience a bar of soap made with the absolute finest ingredients for healthy skin. Essential oils are added to some of our recipes while others have a wonderful scent from the natural ingredients the soap was created with. We have some soaps available that are completely scent free. Two oils we use often are organic olive oil and organic coconut oil. These are the same oils I cook with. I’m a medical assistant for a naturopathic doctor and I’m currently in school to become a board certified holistic nutritionist. I will only use oils and ingredients that are the best for your health and the environment. I love to cook and I take a gourmet approach when creating these soap recipes. The liquids are always something extra special like organic herbal tea blends, local handcrafted beer, coffee, espresso or prickly pear cactus fruit juice from our private property in Apache Junction, AZ. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it can’t be creative. Nature provides so much. I’m using all she has to offer to create the best bar of soap for you.
There are plenty of recipes to choose from. Pick the one that sounds like it was created for you and enjoy.

One very important aspect to our soap creation is using local ingredients whenever possible. We support and collaborate with like-minded local businesses that take pride in contributing to a healthy environment and vibrant local economy built on sustainable practices.
We are proud and honored to have used ingredients from the following local AZ businesses

Wisdom Nectar Tea
The Bee Dudes LLC
Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company
Black Anchor Coffee