Ingredients Matter

Quite simply, what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body.

Studies show that up to 60% or more of what you put on your skin can be absorbed into your bloodstream. With the possibility of that kind of absorption I think it’s safe to say what you put on your skin is just as important as what you eat.

I don’t know about you but I am quite particular about the food I eat. After working for one of the top 20 alternative doctors in the country for 4 very busy educational years and currently studying to be a holistic nutritionist I am very conscious about the food I eat and what I put on my skin.

Avoiding toxic products will help to relieve the burden your already overworked liver has to deal with. Our bodies are overwhelmed with environmental toxins, stress, infections and foods that are covered in pesticides. Unfortunately, many of these pesticide laden foods also lack the much needed nutrients we need to keep our bodies functioning optimally.

Avoiding toxic chemicals is an excellent choice. Especially if you want to achieve optimal health. Sometimes we find our health compromised, and reducing the toxins in our life can significantly increase your body’s ability to heal.

Are you looking for the best natural body products?

Here are a few I’ve created that may interest you 🙂

Liquid Lizard Lips Lip Balm


Sinus Relief Rain Drop Bath Bombs


Sinus Relief Breath Easier Salve


Siphon Draw Apothecary has a lot to offer.

We’re not concerned with the cost of our ingredients as much as we are concerned with the quality and health promoting benefits.
Natural is a term thrown around loosely these days. Did you know that the original natural flavor found in many foods is actually fluid from the anal glands of beaver butt?
Nice huh? Many companies use natural ingredients but that doesn’t mean these “natural” ingredients are the best choices for ingesting or applying topically.
Whole Organic Foods and eating clean is a great part of the equation to achieve optimal health.
I want body products that do the same, don’t you? Well, I have you covered.
All of our creations live up to these expectations. We use natural ingredients that are sourced ethically, organic and non GMO. You will never find fragrances, perfumes, chemicals or dyes in our products. No weird stuff allowed. No fillers or ingredients mixed in the middle of the good stuff.

That’s something that really gets under my skin. When a product has many really great ingredients and then they add a few toxic ones. Most people don’t know the difference between health promoting ingredients and harmful toxic ingredients. To say the least, it can be misleading.
I don’t mess around. If the ingredient isn’t pure, natural and health promoting I don’t use it.

We can find plenty of products out there using petroleum, parabens, dyes and other recipe extending, profit margin meeting ingredients.
I offer something else entirely. The goal with every recipe is to heal while causing no harm.
Then I get creative and fun with it!

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The Liver and Detoxification