Natural Remedies to help you stay cool during the summer


It’s Summer and it’s HOT!

 Look who was on TV sharing her knowledge!

Owner of Siphon Draw Apothecary and Holistic Nutritionist Colleen Sinclair

Featured on Sonoran Living here in Sunny Arizona.

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 On set Sonoran Living Smoothie and Aloe

She made a Hydrating Smoothie, a remedy using Fresh Aloe Vera and Lavender Essential Oil and an Aloe Spritz you can use to cool down.

You want the recipe? Find them all below.

You want some of that Aloe Spritz don’t you?

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First Water Aloe Spritz 

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Infused with either Peppermint or Lavender Organic Essential Oil

Peppermint is great for – cooling down, sooth a headache, relief from nausea or improve energy and focus

Lavender is great for – relaxing, sooth a sunburn, itchy skin or get some relief from minor bug bites

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Some more exciting news we want to share… 🙂

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